DP candidates in Shkodra, Diber and Durres leads in opinion poll.

The company Pipos Prishtina, one of the most famous in Kosovo for conducting pre-electoral polls, has conducted the next poll in Albania for the local by-elections of March 06. These elections will be held for the Municipalities of Durrës, Shkodra, Lushnja, Dibra, Vora and Rrogozhina. In these constituencies, the elected Mayors are not in office for various reasons and the President of the Republic decreed the by-elections. The number of voters who participated in these Municipalities in the last general elections, those of April 25, 2021, was about 271 thousand or about 18% of the total number of voters in Albania.

The municipality with the largest number is that of Durrës.

In the elections of April 25 last year in Durrës, 104 thousand voters voted, while the smallest municipality is that of Rrogozhina with about 10,500 voters on April 25. In Shkodra on April 25, 66,616 voters voted, in Debar 28,051, in Lushnja 44,744 and in Vora 15,707.

The public opinion poll was conducted on 1 to 12 February 2022 with a representative sample of 1050 respondents for each of the 6 Municipalities separately. The survey technique used in this research was direct interviews according to the random method. Below you find the data with the necessary descriptions. The margin of error in this research can be estimated at around 3%.

The survey clearly shows the non-positive situation and negative evaluations of the current government in these Municipalities at the local level where no current Mayor receives more than 40% positive evaluation of his work.

The electoral race seems to be centered between the two major political forces, the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party, leaving far behind in the preference and orientation of the vote the candidates presented by SMI.

The Democratic Party seems to win at least in the Municipalities of Durrës, Dibër and Shkodër.