Edi Rama continues to use Albanian money for his luxury. He accommodates in the most luxurious resorts in Europe, behaving as sheikhs with the money of Albanians, who today suffer from rising prices, unemployment and poverty.

A few days ago he used again the private jet for his pleasure, which only fuel expenses alone costs over 120 thousand euros from taxpayers.

Edi Rama continues to refuse to be transparent, he continues to refuse to be accountable for the taxes of Albanians.

Today, on behalf of all Albanians whose money he is stealing and wasting, we are again asking some fundamental questions to the Prime Minister:

Do you use the private jet to give an interview to “Magazine Manager”?

How much money did you spend just on the charter on this luxury trip?

How much does it cost to stay in a luxury European resort?

As poverty and unemployment rise in Albania, Edi Rama and his government continue with the unbridled luxury

For the period 2014 – 2022, the bill of luxury expenditures amounts to 798.3 million euros

Of which  Air Travel Tickets – 46 million euros

Fuel – 255.6 million euros

Office furniture – 27.5 million euros

Equipment – 60.1 million euros

Reconstruction of offices and buildings – 155.6 million euros

Only this month where most Albanians can not afford heating for their children due to the high price of energy and, the Prime Minister has paid 64 thousand euros for trips abroad.

Edi Rama doesn’t care for Albanians, he only cares to travel like a king, to enjoy luxury resorts like a tsar and to clean his badly tarnished image!

Rama is corrupt.

His government is corrupt.

With these in the government, Albania can not be develop.

Albanians must abandon the past and the corrupt!