June 30th / end-day (updated). 

Numerous irregularities were recorded throughout the voting process until mid-day on June 30th. The Democratic Party of Albania, while considering this process as unlawful and undemocratic, highlights the following concerns as voters turn out is very low:

  • Reports of ballot box stuffing aiming to falsely increase voters turn-out;
  • Dozens of civil servants, including teachers, doctors and police officers, have denounced being pressured by their politicised hierarchy to participate mandatorily in the voting process;
  • Individuals being threatened losing their social security support and unemployment benefits if they don’t participate in the voting process;
  • Unauthorized heavy presence of Police forces in voting centres, creating an unjustifiable pressure on voters;
  • Cases of vote-buying with cash and food support;
  • Use of violence into entering voting stations by unauthorized individuals whom also transported under unlawful conditions the voting materials;
  • Group voting, and in some occasions like in Shkodra, filming of the voting ballots;
  • Abuses with voter’s list, including voting of dead voters, immigrants etc.

It should be reminded that all aspects of the voting process of June 30th, are organised unilaterally by the Socialist party (solo-members of the local and national electoral commissions, as well as solo-candidates).

Below a selection of pictures and videos proving the above identified irregularities.


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