Since 2011, the Government of the Democratic Party, has established the positive precedent of including the chair of the Parliamentary Committee of European Integration, then Ditmir Bushati (Socialist Party) in the annual meetings of the EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Council.
This positive precedent, based on the  majority-opposition consensual support of the country’s accession to the EU , turned into a tradition until yesterday (15 November), when the Rama government represented Albania in this Council only by officials as Minster Bushati, but without Mr. Pollo (DP), the chair of that Committee, who was not invited.

This fact does not only show the fear from the truth about criminals in public office in bed with drug lords that cannot be hidden in Tirana, in Brussels or elsewhere. It is also a sign of a political degrading of this government that ruins every already-established positive political  legacy by hopelessly clinging to power as a drowning person to a straw.