The chairman of the Democratic Party, Mr. Lulzim Basha met with the Italian Minister of Interior, Mr. Marco Minniti during a visit in Albania dedicated exclusively to the fight against cannabis.

DP Chairman Basha expressed his thankfulness to Minister Minniti for the Italian contribution in the fight against organized crime and trafficking. Minister Minniti assured that Italy will continue to support Albania in this fight and overcome this deteriorated situation. Basha and Minniti shared common views regarding the current critical situation of the organized crime in the country.

Basha stated that he “appreciated the message of Minister Minniti, for striking large scale drug-trafficking organizations and the “untouchables”. A message that shows the clear commitment of Italy in the provided assistance. I assured Minister Minniti that the Democratic Party of Albania and the opposition will continue their fight in order to stop drug-trafficking organizations to influence the rule of law and to stop having untouchables”.