“You speak improperly, you are illiterate. I can answer to you whatever my white heart would like to. Look at yourself, what do you ask? Is this a question? This is stupidity.”

PM Rama made this statement to the journalists after the parliamentary vote refusing the Albanian Prosecution request to lift the political immunity of former Minister of Interior Tahiri on Wednesday, Oct.25th.

The verbal attacks follow those made against the Prosecution office last week. Rama continued his additional statements toward the journalists as follows:

“I’m here to deal with you because you are also part of the problem. You are uneducated. Get out of here and go read. […]

You are pitiful and I may answer to you whatever my white heart would like to. Don’t be offended at all as you promote and smash people as you like. And then you think that no one has the right to say that you are part of this large kettle.

I’m here to deal with you and say that you have to call upon your mind, and read, and understand, I am calling you and those who pay you whom are even more of a problem. It’s your right to continue not to change and keep doing the fool.”